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Bayger Production Ltd.
Nádražní 3136/138a | 702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic | Europe
phone: +420 597 578 519


arr3Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014 reportWe attended the World Fair Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014, and we had good feedback from visitors and our... arr3NEW Bayger Tremolo Novelty of our production is Bayger TREMOLO redesigned from the previous version into a new box.... arr3Effect of the mains voltage to the amplifierEach guitarist and bassist have certainly noticed that sometimes the amplifier stage he plays well,...

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Welcome dear people, visitors, musicians and artists,

This website will bring you information about Bayger company and its products. Due to today's centralized distribution, we decided to introduce the possibility of direct purchase of products with quality directly from the manufacturer, however, our products can also be purchased through our network of dealers, which will hopefully grow over the years. We welcome any comments, or notice to improve our services and mutual support will fulfill the mission of music.  We wish you a pleasant browsing on.



We attended the World Fair Frankfurt Musikmesse in March 2014, and we had good feedback from visitors and our products have been successfull. Here you can see some pictures of our booth:

Bayger booth Musikmesse 2014 Nick Epifani and Alex Bajger Mr. Paul Reed Smith and Alex Bajger testing Bayger effects Musikmesse 2014 Mr. Paul Reed Smith, Jan Hangoni, Alex Bajger - Musikmesse 2014 Mr. Park Chan from Belton company and Alex Bajger Jimmy Gee and Alex Bajger - Musikmesse 2014 Instrumentalist With Akai Ewi from France at Bayger booth - Musikmesse 2014 Jarek Malý from MusicData and Andreas Erd - Musikmesse 2014 David Koller, Jan Hangoni and Alex Bajger - Musikmesse 2014 Andy Erd performance at Bayger booth Bayger effects presentation pedalboard Bayger booth wall by Dolík Design

 Bayger video presentation played by Andreas ERD - Winner of Robert Johnson Guitar Awards 2012 in Hamburg Germany !

Bayger Buffer is active impedance converter from high to low, is equipped with GAIN potentiometer, that allows to amplify the signal up to once.  Due to the transition resistances of jacks, effects, or due to long cables is lost in the sound of your instrument from the original audio signal over a full dynamic range - treble, bass, middle. Bayger BUFFER prevent these losses and the sound drops in
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Bayger Sustainer is excellent Comp / Limit device for controlling dynamics of the sound with the sound compression and increases sustain. It is also great for use with electro-acoustic instruments. Sustainer has a natural compression tension at the beginning of the tone. The internal 18V voltage signal processing provides excellent dynamics. Thanks to this, almost breathing effect does not show
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Bayger Unistortion is unique universal distortion pedal for guitar, bass, or other instrument. Setting the distortion intensity is performed by two interdependent potentiometer Drive and Gain. The main distortion character is setting by use of the three position switch. This allows you to select one of three types of diodes that change the overall character of the distortion and tone Germanium
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Bayger ST230/1000W
AC Voltage Stabilizer
Effective protection against electrical overvoltage, undervoltage and sudden fluctuations in the AC mains voltage. BAYGER AC voltage stabilizer 230V/1000W is suitable for tube and transistor sound system of individual players (guitar and bass amplifiers) or the bands (small PA systems) according to the corresponding output.  The stabilizer can remain sound and performance of the device when
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Bayger Rider 50W 1x12
Bayger Rider 50W 1x12 combo
BAYGER Rider 50 is a lightweight hand-crafted transistor amplifier with an proffessional honest "tube like" sound. Specially tuned circuits for soft clear and broad sound, which many professional unaware that does not play at all-tube amp!! Switch original function Rider EQ which makes you get the sound exactly as the character of your instrument, incredibly fast attack and wide dynamics. Power
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Bayger PS7/2 MIDI Programmable
true bypass switching system for pedalboards
 It is intended for all guitarists, bassists, and other players who use the effects equipment - stomp boxes, wah-wah pedals, volume pedals, etc... Easy set the presets and operate it in various combinations with only one pressing the switch. You can switch all the effects in the chain on, or off with one step on the switch and without losing sound quality whenthe effects areturned off. 1: Priority
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